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Soar to Success Summit:
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Now that the Summit Has Ended, Here's What's Included:

Free version of our Reflection Guides to boost memory + recall

Certificates of Attendance

Audio Recordings of All Sessions

Extended Video Access

Written Transcripts of All Sessions

Expanded Reflection Guides for All Sessions

30 Day FREE Trial of Teaching Trailblazers professional development/curriculum membership

E-Course: How to Let Go of Letter of the Week

Access to the professional development book study for Teach Smarter: Literacy Strategies for Early Childhood Teachers, led by author Vanessa Levin

Your Questions Answered

Can my assistant teacher watch with me?

The Summit was free for everybody to watch from July 8-July 12, but after the last day of the Summit, access is limited to those who have upgraded to an extended access pass. These passes are still available!

Please refer your friends to the Summit Invincible All-Access page to register for their own extended access pass.

I teach (insert age/grade here). Is the Summit for me?

The Soar to Success Summit sessions are relevant for all early childhood educators. We have sessions to meet the needs of teachers working with all early childhood age-groups.

How do I upgrade to an Invincible All-Access Pass?

To receive on-demand video access to all sessions (plus other great bonuses!), you can upgrade to an Invincible All-Access Pass.

What about...?

If you have other questions about the summit, please email and we'll be happy to help!


It's only day 3...

"...but the Summit is proving to be a treasure chest of great learning and ideas for effective early years teaching and practice. I'm loving it."

Monica M.
Pre-K Teacher

soar to success summit attendee monica


"Thank you so much for these amazing five days of learning. I am an Associate Teacher in Child Development, and these wonderful presentations are helping me a lot because I am new in this field!"

Reyna Z.
Preschool Teacher

soar to success summit attendee wanc

I am inspired!

"I have learned so much from these sessions. Definitely will bring many of these techniques and ideas back to my classroom."

Wanc L.
Pre-K Teacher

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