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The Soar to Success Summit

Educating the Whole Child:
The Hidden Power of
Social Emotional Learning

Held July 8-12, 2021
Now available for Replay Access

  • 5 Days of Innovative & High-Impact Social-Emotional Teaching Strategies
  • 19 Experts in Early Childhood Education Presenting Not Just Theory, but Real, Practical, Actionable Advice For Your Classroom
  • 16,000+ Teachers In Attendance

Discover How To Make A Lasting Impact On Your Students While Never Sacrificing Your "Me Time"

You are so much more than "just a teacher"

You’re a mentor, a motivator, and a role model who’ll make a lifelong difference in the lives of so many children.

You’re a superhero to kids, who will one day become adults who need to feel confident, capable, and well-equipped to handle whatever comes their way.

This year’s Soar To Success Summit centered around the theme of social-emotional learning and how you can enhance your students' academic achievement and life skills through developing social-emotional skills.

Our 2021 summit—replay access—will help you create a deeper understanding of how to nurture young learners to have high emotional intelligence, become impactful people, and socially responsible humans as they get older.

The Soar To Success Summit is an annual online conference for kindergarten and pre-kindergarten teachers who want to learn the most innovative methods in early childhood education.

By purchasing extended replay access to this event, you’re signing up to discover how to teach better, save time, and enjoy more of your life in and out of the classroom, while also learning what only the best teachers know and practice.

Join me, Vanessa Levin, for this exciting, on-demand, value-packed 5-day event where 19 experts in Pre-K and Kindergarten education will show you the science-backed and hands-on methods for better social-emotional teaching.

You’ll leave our sessions inspired, empowered, and with the clarity to help you continue teaching your best knowing you’re making an unforgettable difference.

Vanessa Levin

What is Social-Emotional Learning?

How Will It Impact You & Your Students?

Social-emotional learning (SEL) defines how students handle their emotions, communicate with other people, show compassion and empathy towards their peers, create relationships, and make good choices.

SEL impacts the lives of students, their families, their communities, and everyone they meet in the future. It sets the foundation for a strong work ethic, the ability to understand and connect with others, and the relationships they create as they get older.

Teachers who were able to teach social-emotional skills effectively found their students had:

Higher Academic Achievement

Recent studies showed students with well developed social emotional skills were more likely to have better standardized test scores, overall grades, and more enthusiasm for learning.

The Ability to Solve Complex Problems

SEL also expands student thinking. With higher emotional intelligence, students gain perspectives to help solve issues in and out of school. And thus, helping them achieve more in other parts of their lives.

Better Social Interactions

Reports that observed 270,000 students in a CASEL study showed teachers noticed more positive behavior, social connection, and kindness from students with well developed social emotional skills.

Improved Classroom Behavior

Social-emotional learning also inspires empathy that helps students cooperate better in the classroom, as well as manage emotions, difficult classroom situations, and follow class guidelines.

Skills for Self Care and Self-Management

Social-emotional learning inspires empathy that helps students cooperate better in the classroom, manage emotions + difficult classroom situations, and make better choices. A study in the American Journal of Public Health revealed students with early experience in SEL were more likely to know how to self-soothe, stay calm, and think critically in stressful situations.

Far Less Agression and Disruptive Tendencies

Students with well developed social emotional skills are reported to get along better with fellow students, teachers, parents, and family members. This is part of the self-knowledge acquired from SEL. Students can maintain positive, productive relationships with peers, parents, and teachers!

Meet Your All-Star Lineup of Speakers

Each of these speakers were hand-picked based on their distinct expertise and experience with effective social-emotional teaching. Together, they’ll share with you everything you need to know so you inspire and influence your students to be amazing learners and people.

Soar to Success Summit
Day 1

soar to success summit speaker dan st romain

Dan St. Romain

soar to success summit speaker nefertiti poyner

Dr. Nefertiti Poyner

soar to success summit speaker rachel wagner

Rachel Wagner, MSW

soar to success summit speaker amanda morgan

Amanda Morgan

Dan St. Romain
Trainer, Consultant, and Author

How to Cultivate Character in Kids Like a BOSS!

“I want to play with that!” - “You’re not my friend!” - “He isn’t staying in his spot on the carpet!”

Do any of these phrases sound familiar?

Our goal as early childhood educators is to help kids learn their ABC's and 123’s, but these cognitive skills mean very little if they aren’t grounded in healthy social, emotional and ethical development.  This fun and fast-paced session will feature tons of simple and fun ways to build good character in our youngest learners.

Dr. Nefertiti Poyner
Trainer, Consultant

Devereux Center for Resilient Children

Unlocking the Secrets of Teaching the ABC’s and 123’s with Social Emotional… Assessment?

Join Nefertiti as she unveils the #1 secret to getting your students to learn their abc’s and 123’s. You’ll learn how to help your students excel academically by focusing on their protective factors, instead of their risk factors. Discover how to reframe your mindset when you encounter behaviors that challenge you in the classroom.

Rachel Wagner, MSW
Trainer, Consultant

Devereux Center for Resilient Children

FLIP It! 4 Simple Steps to Turn Challenging Behaviors into SEL Success Stories

Do the behaviors in your classroom make you want to FLIP out? Rachel will share 4 simple, yet very powerful steps to FLIP your classroom behaviors around. You'll learn four supportive steps to help young children identify and name their feelings, gain self-control, and reduce challenging behavior - plus the exact phrases you can use to FLIP it in your own classroom!

Amanda Morgan
Trainer, Consultant

Creator of Not Just Cute

Responsive Teaching: What, Why, and How?

Often, what we see as inappropriate behavior can be a reflection of our inappropriate expectations. Research shows pre-K students are expelled at 3x the rate of their K12 peers and points to increases in push-down practices as part of the problem. Responsive classrooms using Developmentally Appropriate Practices proactively reduce challenging behaviors. We'll discuss key DAP concepts to improve behavior and build the whole child.

Soar to Success Summit
Day 2

soar to success summit speaker prerna richards

Prerna Richards

soar to success summit speaker joe beckman

Joe Beckman

soar to success summit speaker bisa batten lewis

Dr. Bisa Batten-Lewis

soar to success summit speaker melissa leach

Melissa Leach

Prerna Richards
Trainer and Consultant

Together We Grow

Extreme Behavior Makeover: Social Emotional Success for ALL Children

Throwing chairs, spitting, and kicking - oh my! Are you tired of the extreme behaviors in your classroom? Join Prerna as she shares how to transform even the most extreme behaviors into social-emotional success stories.  You'll learn what to do when you're dealing with extreme behaviors, as well as exactly what words to say.

Joe Beckman
National Speaker and Author

Just Look Up: Reclaiming Human Connection

Combining humor, authenticity, heart, and soul, international speaker Joe Beckman answers 4 key questions he believes all kids (and adults) need to have answered. The result is a refreshing, authentic, and down-to-earth approach to finding self-worth, resilience, confidence, and human connection.

Dr. Bisa Batten-Lewis
National Speaker and Author

Skyrocket Social Emotional Learning with Technology (& Other Surprising SEL Tricks that Really Work!)

Join Dr. Bisa as she challenges the screen time status quo and answers the controversial question, "Can technology be used in the classroom for the purposes of good, instead of evil?" Learn how to help your students become digitally literate citizens of the world, instead of technology consumers - while supporting both social emotional and cognitive development at the same time!

Melissa Leach
Trainer and Literacy Consultant

"I Can't Write!" How to Build Writing Self-Esteem in Young Children

Does getting your kids to go from scribbling to writing seem like an uphill battle? Do they hate writing time? Join Melissa and learn how you can dramatically improve your student’s writing skills and increase their self-esteem with just one simple tweak to what you’re already doing.

Soar to Success Summit
Day 3

soar to success summit speaker albert wright

Albert Wright

Soar to Success Summit Speaker Jenny Spencer

Jenny Spencer

soar to success summit speaker jodie rodriguez

Jodie Rodriguez

soar to success summit speaker mercedes champion

María Mercedes Champion

Albert Wright
Author, Master Trainer

3 Social Emotional Learning Mistakes Most Teachers Make and How to Avoid Them

Join Albert as he shares his personal journey from being “that kid” to becoming a wildly successful early childhood master trainer. Not known for mincing words, Albert reveals how the educational system failed him, and how you can avoid the pitfalls and support your student’s healthy development, no matter how much they may challenge you.

Jenny Spencer
Trainer and Consultant

"Use Your Words!" Resolving Conflict and Supporting the Development of Empathy in Young Children

During the preschool years children are primed to learn social skills, solve problems, and learn empathy toward others. The problem is that most adults see the conflict that arises as a result of these missing skills and something we must S-T-O-P! We haven't been given many tools to see it otherwise. In this session, we'll gain new insight into why this conflict is developmentally appropriate and how it is the perfect opportunity to teach new skills and help children reach their potential. We'll use concrete examples with specific steps for how to approach the conflict, teach the skill, and coach young children through the steps to resolution.

Jodie Rodriguez
Creator, Growing Book By Book

Read All About It! Building Social Emotional Learning Through Picture Books

Build social emotional learning by utilizing high-quality, engaging read-alouds. Strong book choices will be shared as well as questions that can be used to spark discussion with students.

María Mercedes Champion
Bilingual Teacher

There's No Such Thing as a Bad Class! Setting Your Kids Up for SEL Success

What if having a “good class” wasn’t just the luck of the draw? Learn how to set your kids up for SEL success with these tried-and-true practical techniques from a real classroom teacher.

Soar to Success Summit
Day 4

soar to success summit speaker amie dean

Amie Dean

soar to success summit speaker marilee sprenger

Marilee Sprenger

soar to success summit speaker shannon mccartney

Shannon McCartney

Vanessa Levin

Vanessa Levin

Amie Dean
Author, Trainer, and Consultant

The 3 C's - Connected, Capable, and Calm

In this session you’ll learn the exact steps needed to support the social-emotional development of your students throughout each day. Amie’s easy to follow and practical techniques will help you coach kids to become their best selves, instead of catching them when they fail. You’ll leave with a clear plan for implementation that won’t break the bank!

Marilee Sprenger

Who Cares? Cracking the Empathy Code

Can you really “teach” empathy? Join Marilee and learn how to crack the empathy code. You’ll discover simple ways you can support the development of empathy in your classroom - without spending a dime. These practical, actionable strategies will help you plant the seeds of kindness and compassion in your classroom.

Shannon McCartney
Math Expert, Trainer, and Author

"I'm Bad at Math!" How to Build Math Self-Esteem Through Positive Math Mindsets 

64% of adult women polled said they hated math. But what if math wasn’t what they hated? What if the feeling of failure was what they really disliked? Join Shannon and discover how you can help your kids master and fall in love with math, even if you think you’re no good at it yourself!

Vanessa Levin
Author, Creator of Pre-K Pages

Founder, Teaching Trailblazers

Creating C.A.L.M. Classrooms

Does your class feel the opposite of calm? With just a few simple tweaks you’ll feel prepared and confident to bring more peace to your classroom. You’ll walk away from this session with practical strategies to support the development of SEL and make each day run more smoothly.

Soar to Success Summit
Day 5

soar to success summit speaker jamie white

Jamie White

soar to success summit speaker pat quinn

Pat Quinn

Soar to Success Summit Speaker Jo Mascorro

Jo Mascorro

Jamie White
Creator, Play to Learn Preschool

Sing and Play Your Way to Social Emotional Learning Success

Young children can learn to identify and recognize emotions through developmentally appropriate oral language and movement activities. In this session, you'll learn a selection of fun songs, rhymes, and games to help children develop vocabulary related to feelings and emotions.

Pat Quinn
National Speaker, Consultant, and Author

Every Child is a Genius: Creating Smart, Successful, Nice and Happy Children in the 21st Century

Does creating smart, successful, nice and happy students sound like an impossible goal? Pat shares his tried and true techniques for making the impossible possible. With just a few simple tweaks to what you're already doing, your kids will be well on their way to social-emotional success - in school, and life!

Jo Mascorro
National Speaker, Trainer

NO! DON’T! STOP! … How  is That Working for You?

Frustrated?  Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and NOTHING seems to work when responding to escalating behaviors that interfere with learning/teaching? Learn how to support social-emotional development while responding to challenging behaviors.  Jo shares proactive strategies to promote ownership and accountability for behavior while honoring how the developing brain learns. Techniques will emphasize enhancing your present instructional strategies and intervention practices.

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Amanda J.
Pre-K Teacher

"I thought the Summit would all be been there, done that but I could at least get my PD requirements out of the way...

I have a Master's degree in ECE and have been teaching 32 years. I am here to tell you, I was WRONG! I am blown away at how good these sessions have been, and I have honestly walked away with ideas, concepts, and suggestions that I never knew before or have never tried! I'm incredibly glad I did it! I'm enjoying it immensely and am learning so much!"

Christy P.
Early Childhood Educator

"I have to take a district webinar later this afternoon, and I know the content will be frustrating for me...

...the Summit, however, is not! I'm loving the Soar to Success Summit, starting video 3 right now. Topics are SO appropriate! Thank you!"

Georgette L.
Head Start Teacher

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